Milton Keynes 5th Best Place in UK To Live And Make A Living

Thursday, November 26, 2015

New research has named Milton Keynes as the fifth best place in the UK to live and make a living.

The statistic portal Statista looked at a range of factors including take-home salary, mortgage repayments and unemployment to rank the best places in the UK to live and make a living.

With unemployment in Milton Keynes at 6.5 per cent and job growth in the city on the rise, it is little surprise Milton Keynes has been ranked highly.

The median monthly take-home salary in MK is high - £1,931 to be precise - which balances out the sizeable average monthly mortgage repayment of £926.

The extremely fast 18 per cent job growth in the city also helped it to score well, as did its relatively low unemployment.

Although recent findings found the quality of life in Milton Keynes was falling, Statista's research did not look at things like culture or transport links - simply how easy it is to buy a house and still have money left over.

But events such as the recent Rugby World Cup have helped put the city on the map and have made sure there is much more to MK than appealing numbers.

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