Volume hiring for NOC and Service Centre staff

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Telindus (now telent Technology Services) engaged several employment companies in past years to meet the hiring needs for its international group of information and communication technology companies; including three preferred employment companies.  Faced with the challenge of quickly recruiting and hiring more than 50 employees needed to implement a project phase critical to the company’s growth strategy, the hiring manager chose Imperative People over the others.  Read on to learn more about his decision and how Imperative can work for you.

Demonstrated Recruiting Strengths

Given the importance of the project to the financial success of the company, and having a very limited time frame to get employees on board, Telindus needed to choose a strong talent acquisition partner.  The HR Director knew from experience they could rely on Imperative People to accomplish the goals.  During their history of working together, a number of proven skills had been demonstrated by Imperative People in prior recruitment phases, including:

  • Ability to align and prioritize recruitment activities with immediate company needs 
  • Culturally inclusive employee searches compatible with the company’s business style 
  • Identification of high level talent to fill both immediate and intermediate hiring needs
  • Proven expertise and thought leadership
  • Professional insight into local market and regional hiring trends
  • Proactive engagement and agility in meeting timeframes and recruitment needs
  • Effective collaboration with other recruiters as needed to accomplish company hiring goals

Sourcing Strong Talent – Quickly and Efficiently

Like most recruitment companies, Imperative People works closely with hiring managers and human resource departments, as each recruiting assignment has its own requirements and prerequisites.  As the Telindus hiring manager found, Imperative People continually delivers against those requirements and has been an ongoing, continued source of strong talent for the company.   Those strengths were further highlighted during the special project recruitment, which had a very tight operational and contractual window.   

Technical Support & Engineering

Important to the project was placing the right skills where they were most needed as Telindus required a high level of customer support for a large volume of their clients using the company’s service provider network.  The technical team members needed to be extremely customer-service oriented, and well-experienced, with highly developed networking skills to successfully support client needs in the 24/7, 365 Network Operations Center and the supporting IT Service Operations Center.   Imperative worked diligently to recruit and hire a strong, talented technical manager of network operations to lead the technical team and an accomplished Services Operations Manager to run Service Management and then went on to recruit the following roles.

  • Network Operations Engineers 2nd & 3rd Line
  • Focal Network Engineers
  • Field Engineers
  • Service Desk Manager
  • Service Desk Analysts
  • Problem Managers
  • Asset Management Analysts
  • Logistics Coordinators

Proactive and Professionally Responsive

Imperative’s active engagement, strong customer service, and technical support were critical factors in driving the project’s success for Telindus.   Not only did Imperative People match talent to the roles needed by the company; as an added value, Imperative team members were practical in allocating resources, while remaining open and flexible in consideration of costings and financial terms which benefitted both organizations.  Candidate feedback was always strong and rarely did issues arise. Feedback spoke of professional communication, an ability to listen and influence, and careful matching of the potential candidates to the roles in question.

For more information on how Imperative can assist you with your forthcoming Recruitment campaign please contact luke.quinn@imperativepeople.com