What does Digital Transformation really mean?

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 by Luke QuinnNo comments

Depends who you ask, but its evolving and it’s a very loosely used term however as far as I can tell  many CEOs see Digital Business Transformation as Business Critical and are signing off highly sophisticated and complex digital transformations driving it into every corner of their organisations.

We happen to agree with these CEO’s as customers buying and interacting behaviours are changing and its key to make the technology changes to improve the customer experience more so than the competition. Amazon is the perfect example of digital excellence and has left the competition standing in nearly all cases, whether its B2B or B2C you can pretty much do it all at Amazon.

Technology is ever changing just as the scope for roles is constantly changing and this makes for a challenging landscape for business needing to recruit and build the People infrastructure required to deliver Transformational Change.

Whether businesses like it or not, companies at all levels must change digitally to keep up with other businesses and it means that companies must migrate legacy systems and adapt to new ways of doing things better and faster. This means that Agile companies will have to recruit Contract staff as well as Permanent depending on the nature of their role in the overall scope of digital transformation programme.  

This is where recruiters who truly understand what legacy looks like and where digital is going and what the bigger picture looks like to ingest the correct talent pool and select the very best for their clients.  

They must truly understand and get the term, meaning and identity of Transformational skill sets and personalities to help organisations secure the best work forces. 

I would be very interested to hear from candidates employers or influencers who can share their experiences , frustrations, success's on this subject to open up our first Blog! Horah! 


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