Targeted, well thought out and executed process

We have built extensive networks of contacts over the years which forms our database of unique candidates. Embedded at the heart of our processes is the expert knowledge and skills of our own people. This makes us different.

To support our service and ensure full candidate market visibility we also utilise the latest recruitment technology, databases, social and headhunting platforms to source candidates.

How it works

  • Submit your vacancy  
  • We confirm if we can help you and agree on terms of business 
  • We gather your requirements either over the phone or face to face at your place or ours or halfway what every suit you best!
  • We agree on a recruitment plan and execute a targeted search and engagement recruiting campaign as well as advertising free of charge on our Website and across major UK job boards as well as contacting our own network and database of contacts.
  • Candidate Screening. This is where we save you the time, we thoroughly research and filter CVs and then contact and qualify everybody ruling out candidates until we find the best ones for our shortlist.  
  • We educate and inform the candidate about your business and culture, vision and of course the job role that we are recruiting them for, to ensure you have a fully engaged and well-informed candidate to interview!
  • CV’s, we send you the CV with full details of the candidate’s current package and expected as well as location and notes on reasons for looking etc
  • Interview Management, we take care of all scheduling
  • Pre and Post Interview stakeholder management, we listen to both sides carefully managing and resetting expectations accordingly ensuring that both parties are aligned.
  • Offer Management, we are expert negotiators and will consult with you on offer expectations and work to align both parties to a fair and competitive deal ensuring you get a happy hire from the get-go
  • We relay the offer you want us to
  • Resignation Management, and candidate preparation. We expect all candidates to be counter offered. Unfortunately, nothing can stop this, however, we risk assess it and take mitigating actions to limit failure.


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