Our Recruitment Process

Our lead recruitment consultants possess 20 years in the business and have extensive networks and resources to find you your perfect candidate.

Imperative embrace the latest recruitment technology, social and headhunting platforms and are experts in passive and active candidate attraction and recruitment.

This is an outline of how we structure our recruitment service, embedded at the heart of our processes is the expert knowledge and skills of our own people and databases this is unique to us.

How it works

  1. You can submit your vacancy via the Submit Job button or if you prefer you can speak with a Consultant  just call 01908 803403 select option 2

  2. Once you have registered your job, we will contact you

  3. Once we establish what your requirements are, we can confirm how we can help you, and our terms of business 

  4. Once terms are agreed, it is always advantageous to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and understand your company culture and set up. If you prefer in the first instance, we can do this over the phone or Skype

  5. Recruitment Campaign Design is the next stage where we create and execute a multi-pronged approach headhunting and advertising across all platforms ensuring full market access and leave no stone unturned

  6. Candidate Interviews and Screening. This is where we save you the time, we thoroughly research and filter CVs and narrow the field to only the relevant and then contact and qualify everybody ruling only the best ones in to provide you a targeted shortlist of ready to interview and fully informed, bought in candidates.

  7. Interview Management, we take care of all scheduling and confirming everything in your calendar without constantly going back and forth

  8. Feedback, we listen to your feedback and use this to manage expectations and observations. We do the same the other way from the candidate back to you to achieve perfect positioning

  9. Offer Stage, we are expert negotiators and will consult with you on offer expectations and work to align both parties to a fair and competitive deal ensuring you get a happy hire from the get-go

  10. Resignation Management, and candidate preparation. We expect all candidates to be counter offered. Unfortunately, nothing can stop this, however we can limit and manage the risk for you and convert 90% of all offers

  11. On-boarding and Post Placement, we stay in touch to ensure smooth on-boarding and support.


So lets get going Submit your Job Now