Registration and Interview Process

When you register with Imperative you can expect to be guided by one of our experienced Recruitment Consultants.

This is a step by step guide of our typical process and what to expect.  

First Registration

After reviewing your CV, we will require further information such as current and expected salary, notice period, locations considered, your reason for seeking a new position and what you are looking for next.  

Consultant Interview

After the initial registration conversation, we will discuss your CV, background experience, qualifications, key strengths and skills. 

After assessing you suitable we will discuss the position and company in detail. At which stage if you are interested and agree we can copy up our notes and recommendation for interview along with your CV.

Submit CV to Client 

Upon their decision we will provide feedback. 


We will coordinate between you and the client to facilitate interview times, address and contact details, as well interview format and job specification confirming everything in writing.  


We will then check-in with you a couple of days before the interview to go over any last-minute questions you may have around the job description, company background etc, covering off any required areas together to making sure you are fully prepared.

1st Interview

Making sure you answer all questions concisely and don’t go off on tangents or waffle on. Make sure you can talk about every aspect of your CV and give a good account of examples on how you went about a task. Get a good feel for the role and the employer and decide if you can see yourself working together.  

Debrief after 1st Interview

We will contact you and the client to discuss your thoughts and answer any questions you may have then schedule any next steps.

2nd Interview

After your 2nd or final interview we will contact you once again to assess your sentiment either way we will then contact the client to find out what they are wanting to do next.


We will relay the decision either way and provide feedback and clarification.

Job Offer

We will relay the job offer or intent to offer verbally in the first instance and will outline the proposed offer on an email. Once you have made your decision we will let the client know and they will draft and send the official offer letter to you directly.

Resignation Management

Assuming you are happy and accepted, we will provide you advice and guidance on how to manage your resignation and deal with any anticipated counter offers.   


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