Below are our certificates of accreditation:

ISO 9001 Certificate

IT recruitment firms holding an ISO 9001 certificate stand out as a reputable and reliable organisation.

The (International Organisation for Standardisation) ISO 9001 standard dictates quality management principles which offer clients a guarantee in regards to consistent and good-quality products/services.

The certification ensures that IT recruitment business operations are efficient and productive at all times, while helping the organisation penetrate new markets.

An IT recruitment firm that is ISO 9001 certified undergoes annual audits to make sure that they are complying with the standard and that day-to-day processes are up to speed. These processes ensure that customer service is always above par and that the organisation’s practices are fair.

Individuals seeking the services of an IT recruiter as a candidate should also look for the ISO 9001 certification because they can be rest assured about getting a high level of professionalism, including the peace of mind that all communications will be kept private.

REC Membership

REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) membership ensures that clients looking to hire IT professionals only get the most qualified and relevant profiles in order to grow their business. This helps IT employers work with only the most reliable and top-quality IT recruiting firms.

When choosing an IT recruiter, always make sure that the recruitment agency is a member of REC – this is your guarantee that the recruitment process complies with a set legal structure and best industry practices.

The membership also dictates that IT recruitment organisations have a complaints and procedural policy in place – in case of any complaints or not living up to expectations as outlined in the Code of Professional Practice, recruitment firms are subject to REC’s disciplinary action.

The GRC (Good Recruitment Campaign) is the REC’s flagship campaign – it was created to further educate IT employers on why they should specifically work with IT recruitment agencies who are members of the REC.

As a jobseeker, working with an REC member recruitment agency ensures that you are working with someone who is 100% compliant and committed to best practices as outlined in the Code of Professional Practice. 

 Cyber Essentials Certificate

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a cost-effective and world-leading assurance mechanism which helps companies of all scales demonstrate to clients and stakeholders their ability to have basic cyber security controls implemented.

In June 2014, the UK Government launched the Cyber Essentials scheme, which is designed to help businesses protect themselves against cyber-crime and keep their data safe online. It works by identifying key technical security controls that businesses should put in place.

Experiencing a cyber-attack can be very costly and disruptive for businesses large and small. Cyber-criminals work by exposing vulnerabilities in a business’s IT security system, and, if the necessary security controls are not in place, day-to-day business operations could be compromised in a major way.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have been put in place to make the existing Data Protection Regulations stronger. New GDPR policies will be coming into effect on 25th May, 2018 – if breached, companies could end up surrendering 4% of their global turnover.  

It is now more important than ever for businesses to invest in their cyber-security. The Cyber Essentials scheme is paramount to this as it can help businesses, especially SMEs, prepare for and comply with the upcoming GDPR laws.